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There are three dominant stories shaping the world today…

There's "Business As Usual”
          The drumbeat of war; growth for the sake of growth; local color...


There's "The Great Unraveling”
          No, this isn’t some fringe cult’s doomsday message. Instead, it refers to the outworking of
          several global systems under strain, overshoot and potential or actual collapse. Most
          prominent is the global eco-system.


There's "The Big Shift”
          This is about shifting our planetary culture from ecological destruction, global
          violence on unprecedented scales and other ills, to a life-sustaining civilization. Perhaps
          the greatest revolution of our time is in the way that we see and live in the world as
          holistic, ecological and deeply interconnected. This shift has also been called
          “The Great Work” (Thomas Berry), “The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor” (many
          Indigenous peoples of the Americas), “The Great Turning” (Joanna Macy), and other

My life work is dedicated to supporting The Big Shift.

My life mission is to assist our global culture in a transition towards a life-sustaining civilization that honors the radical interconnectedness of all life: human life, other species, eco-systems, and the Earth itself.

This worldview of interconnectedness is more than an abstract concept. For us to make the shift, it needs to be an embodied way-of-being. Many ancient wisdom traditions give us wonderful practices and insights for how to live from a place of deep interconnectedness with the world. We can also draw insight and inspiration from the "science of interconnectedness," complexity science — and from other contemporary innovations.

My efforts to support this shift to a life-sustaining civilization span a continuum of activities:

  • Direct action (including activism and organizing, leading campaigns and organizations, public speaking, and writing);
  • Complexity-science & conventional consulting, training and coaching to support individuals and organizations making a difference;
  • Teaching transformative practices that change us from the inside-out.
  • Aspiring to live up to the dictum from Gandhi to “be the change you want to see in the world.”

All of these are my gifts in support of the Big Shift.


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